Democrat Mackay to GOP Bayse: “You Might Win Today, But You Will Lose”

Missouri House of Representative Ian Mackay held nothing back as he voiced his outrage over an anti-transgender bill proposed by homophobic GOP member Chuck Bayse. Bayse who has a gay brother wondered out loud why his brother was afraid to come out to Bayse and his family saying “He thought we would hold that against him and not let my children be around him.” Mackay replied right away,

“Can I tell you if I were you brother I would have been afraid to tell you too? I would have been afraid to tell you because of stuff like this legislation you are putting forward. This is what consumes your time.”

Mackay did not stop there continuing to call out bigotry and homophobia on the House floor,

“I was afraid of people like you growing up. I grew up in a school district that would vote tomorrow to put this in place. And for 18 years I walked around with nice people like you who took me to ballgames who told me how smart I was…and then voted for crap like this.”


Rep. Basye offered the proposal as an amendment to an unrelated elections bill. If approved by the House and Senate, it would allow school districts to vote to prohibit transgender girls attending K-12 public schools from being members of girls’ sports teams.

The Watchlist host Jayar Jackson and guest co-host Rayyvana broke down the conversation as they reacted to a must-watch list of videos of the day, which covers news, politics, society, culture, current events, and more.

Rayyvana, a member of the LGBTQ community, spoke at length illustrating Mackay’s arguments,

“He sort of hinted at the people who pretend to be nice, ‘I’m fine with gay people in my life but I will vote to eradicate them from existence. I will vote to have their civil rights taken away’. That is just as homophobic as the person who will call you a homophobic slur.”

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Rayyvana also echoed the one fact we all know when it comes to the GOP and transgender people competing in sports, 


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