Demons, Desert Heat, Dance Moves & More

Garic Soldatov and his inner demon (via Instagram)
Garic Soldatov and his inner demon (via Instagram)

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts this week beginning with Garic Soldatov, who contemplated his inner demon:

Johnny Middlebrooks was looking for someone to save:

Facundo Rodriguez worked his beefy, bearded pirate lewk for Halloweekend:

Alexis got received an invitation he couldn’t refuse:

Dan Tai felt true desert heat for the first time:

Max Emerson and boyfriend Andrés Camilo might be reconsidering having kids:

Bruno Baba was all about his stache:

KJ Apa served up ‘ginger in the sun’ realness:

Chef Ronnie Woo got ready for NYC:

Magic Mike Live dancer Dino was clearly ready for the weekend:

Moe_bear89 modeled his form fitting blue shorts:

Davey Wavey explained how selfies really work:

Justus Pickett tuned out for a bit:

Dr. Marco found a shirt to accommodate his biceps:

Pierre Vuala has a birthday coming up but he’s not all that into birthdays…

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