Dennis Rodman Thinks 20% Of Professional Athletes Are Gay

The Former NBA All Star Claims Basketball Is Ready For An Out Athlete If There Isn’t Already One

The list of openly gay athletes continues to grow. While we may be most familiar with gay Olympians like Gus Kenworthy, Johnny Weir, and Adam Rippon, we sometimes forget that there have been openly gay professional athletes. Wade Davis, Jason Collins, Michael Sam, and John Amaechi who is the first openly gay NBA player. Currently, there are no openly gay players in any of the four major professional sports (Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Football), but one former NBA All Star thinks otherwise.

According to Business Insider, legendary Chicago Bulls player, Dennis Rodman, believes ten to twenty percent of players in the NBA (or any sport) are gay. Rodman goes on to tell that the LGBTQ community has embraced him throughout the years. It’s likely we’ve all seen photos of Rodman partying at gay clubs in the ‘90s and dressing up in drag. He’s been a long time lover.

He continues to speak on his respect for openly HIV positive former NBA player, Magic Johnson. He was one of the few who didn’t mind playing on the same court as Johnson, not offended by his status.

Do you believe Rodman is correct? Are there many closeted athletes hiding themselves? Would the sport fans accept an openly gay player?

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H/T: Business Insider

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