Department of Defense Holds 8th Annual LGBT Pride Month Celebration

DoD Pride hosted the 8th Annual LGBT Pride Month Celebration in the Pentagon Center Courtyard in Virginia.  DoD Pride is an employee resource group for uniformed and civilian LGBT members of the Department.

On Wednesday, Democratic Senator from Illinois, Tammy Duckworth used some of her speaking time to vocalize her disgust over the newly implemented transgender military ban.

Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran who lost both of her legs in the conflict, said “our loved ones can sleep more soundly” because of the estimated 14,700 transgender people currently in the armed forces as the Trump administration implements its ban.

“Keeping our nation as strong as it can possibly be means something to me as it does to you,” Duckworth said. “But the truth is, this president’s transgender ban will only do the opposite.”

Calling the ban “as heartless as it is dangerous,” the Illinois Democrat said the policy “will hamper troops’ morale and hurt readiness.” – photo

You can see some of the presentations below in this DOD Pride Facebook post. In it, you will also hear Stuart Milk, an LGBT rights advocate and nephew of gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk.





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