DeSantis Sad Friends Are Called Racists, Homophobes. New Law Is Coming

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Warning, exposed nerve ahead…

The political party of Ronnie DeSantis is trying to flex its little fragile white man muscles once again as the republican’ts are feeling attacked for practicing their racist ways. Yep, we had better say all of that before this governor, some call little Ronnie DeathSatan as his state had the highest death rates from COVID three summers in a row in the US) has his way and we all cannot call someone out for being racist, homophobic, transphobic, while GOP mouth breathers sit there and yell faggot, queer, tranny, and make laws that go against equality for all. 


Free-est-ish-ugh state in the nation?  Far from it.  Anti-Woke is just Pro-Stupid.

One of her (should we use her since pronouns are not deemed important) fellow Florida Republicans, State Rep. Alex Andrade, filed H.B. 991 on Tuesday, a bill giving power to hate-filled whiny religious people to sue those who call them out as homophobic, transphobic, or just the awful people, calling them out for going against all the teachings, fables, stories, best practices of their white Jesus.

What is the goal of the bill? It would make it easier to sue publications and their journalists or social media users for defamation if racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia were mentioned. Calling a duck a duck is one of our favorite past times and what we do best in society. If you are upset that the shoe fits, then don’t be a bigot, homophobe, transphobe. It’s really that simple. Little Ronnie is trying to take you under his wing to protect all of the Uber-Karens out there. Oh wait, maybe we can resort to calling them all Karens, or will he and Andrade find a way to throw the use of “Karen” into that law? Being a Karen is just anti-woke, and being anti-woke is not religious or scientific, it’s just anti-woke.

What is this all based on? Individuals have “constitutionally protected religious expression or beliefs” and “scientific beliefs” that need to be protected under the law.


Here’s what they want. If slurs are used against you and you call someone out for that and call them discriminatory, you’re at fault. And that fault could be $35,000 or more for YOU have fringed on their religious right to hate, to ridicule, to judge, just like Jesus. That’s right, Jesus did that, didn’t he? 

HB 991: Defamation, False Light, and Unauthorized Publication of Name or Likenesses (link to pdf)


Defamation, False Light, and Unauthorized Publication of Name or Likenesses; Provides that journalist’s privilege does not apply to defamation claims when defendant is professional journalist or media entity; revises provisions concerning venue for certain actions; provides for attorney fees & costs to prevailing plaintiffs in certain actions; specifies certain persons may not be considered public figures; provides certain allegations are defamatory per se; provides statutory damages to prevailing plaintiffs who are subject of such allegations; creates presumption that statement by anonymous source is presumptively false; provides public figure does not need to show actual malice to prevail in defamation action.

Not only is this bill basically a “don’t call me hateful if I am hateful as my religious and scientific beliefs allow me to be an awful person”, it makes it easier for the Karens to claim they’ve been insulted for their immorality. They won’t have to prove defamation of character, even though they have defamed, they cannot be called out for their bullshit. If they are called out, this new $35k+ law would allow the defendant to say they were discriminated against because they were called racist or transphobic, that’s it, no proof needed if they were truly defamed, if it hurt them socially, politically, etc. Just uttering the words against someone that they were racist or transphobic or homophobic, even after they yelled faggot x 50, nope. You cannot call them homophobic. They are homophobic, they are racist, but don’t tell anyone else. 

Such fragile little religious white people. Please Merika, stop sending your republican grandparents to Florida to die. Come on down and hide from morality and human decency.


But this new law does have a concrete footing in our judicial system. It goes back to the all important Supreme Courts precedent established in the Susie vs. Ricky 1998 Case of “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue”. Seriously,  this what this Florida legal system is coming to.

I would love to say, “Of course this proposed bill violates federal free speech protections” and we would think that it would be shot down like the Chinese Spy Balloon should (the ones during Biden’s Presidency, not trump’s for those just kept a flyin!). But when we have a state banning drag queens in 2023? Hawaii did that in the middle of the last CENTURY, a lifetime ago, but now it is happening again (visit Celebrating Pride & Learning About Hawai’i Strong LGBTQ History and go to the end with the THE HIGHLIGHT , PURE HISTORY – section and the slide show about the “I AM A BOY” pins performers had to wear). Nothing these hate-mongers do is new. We just shared History Does Repeat Itself – Ian McKellan Fought British “Dont Say Gay” in 1988. No new ideas from the bucket or republican’ts.

The bill also says that if your religious and scientific beliefs make you a homophobe, transphobic, and racist, then that is okay for those backwards, anti-woke, pro-stupid beliefs are yours to have AND you cannot be called out for them AND they cannot be used against you or as proof in a court of law because gawd, GOD, god made you like that, and science made you like that. It’s not your fault that you have those beliefs and cannot come into the 21st or 20th century and respect your fellow human. 

So they far right has the ability to use faggot, tranny, kill ’em all speech and rhetoric and defame anyone on the left since it is their god, gawd, GOD given right to step on other people’s necks, make themselves feel better, but the moment we say, “um, that’s a little homophobic” we are at fault. They can dish it, but they cannot take it. The fragile straight white people and religious mob mentality are changing democracy to fit the republican’t abilities, which is becoming just a blanket of hate and ignorance of other people in the world. 

Can’t wait until one if DeSantis’ kids comes out at LGBTQ+.  Unfortunately, that is what it will take to break this ugly ignorance of humanity.

Clearly, this is an opinion piece by this writer and does not reflect the opinion of the magazine or other writers of Instinct. 

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