Desperate: Trump Allegedly Calls Jlo And A-Rod For Advice On The Coronavirus

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It’s a few days too early for an April Fool’s Day prank, so, sadly there’s a possibility this story is very real. Just when you thought this Stephen King-science fiction Covid-19 hell we’re living in couldn’t get any more bizarre; it turns out – yup, it sure can.


Over the past two weeks, it’s been blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention to the daily Coronavirus press briefings that the current people in political leadership are in way over their heads. Sure, we may take temporary solace in the words and wisdom of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. However, the comfort quickly dissipates when Donald Trump takes to the podium, rambling on incoherently like a 5th grader delivering an oral book report to the class – without having actually read the book.

DailyKos has recently published a story that indicates Trump is far more clueless than we expected. Despite his efforts to lie and spin to cover up his negligence in handling the outbreak, the fact remains, two years ago, he disbanded the Pandemic Investigation Division left in place by the Obama administration.


“Flat-footed” is an understatement describing Trump’s unpreparedness despite countless efforts by officials to get him to act and take initiatives to combat the virus, dating back to December. Instead, he called it a hoax, blamed it on the media, and downplayed the illness. He predicted through a personal “hunch” that the reported mere 15 cases at that point in the US would simply disappear “like a miracle” and drop down to 0 cases.

Today, at the time of this reporting, the United States has over 113,000 cases and over 2,000 deaths.

As the media continues to skewer Trump’s gross ineptitude and his ignoring of guidance by health officials on how to manage this national health nightmare, Trump’s desperation has reportedly led him to reach out to two unlikely “advisors” for help in what to do next.

According to reports from John Santucci of ABC News, Trump has reached out to A-Rod and Jlo for advice on how to manage the Coronavirus.


That’s right; you read that correctly, A-Rod and Jlo.

Now look, don’t get me wrong. I love me some Jlo, and undoubtedly she is a brilliant and capable woman who has carved out a genius career for herself. A-Rod as well, is a successful businessman and former star athlete who now is a significant investor in new upcoming businesses. Yes, both are impressive people, but when it comes to stopping a virus that’s sweeping across the planet at such a velocity that coffins of dead bodies are getting stacked to the sky like building blocks, I’m certain Jennifer Lopez’ ass – though amazing, can’t shake us out of this one.


I hope this is just a rumor, but if we’re at the point where the president is consulting with Hollywood stars instead of top advisors from the World Health Organization, it only further solidifies why a reality show TV host is probably not the best choice for President … EVER!

h/t: Check it out at DailyKos

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