‘Destiny 2’ Designer Says Popular NPCs Saint-14 & Osiris Are Gay

Images via Bungie

More LGBTQ representation in video games? Yes, please!

By now, we’ve seen several moments of online games revealing that popular characters are gay. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it when these moments happen again. And the gaming world just experienced another one of these moments.


According to Game Rant, players of the online multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2 have been delighted to know that two of the most popular characters within the game, Osiris and Saint-14, are dating. This information was revealed by Robert Brookes, the narrative director over at the Bungie video game developer.

Brookes started this reveal by talking about his own sexuality on Twitter. In the Twitter thread, Brookes noted how he was initially confused about the concept of bisexuality because of the lack of LGBTQ education and representation during his childhood. With that background, Brookes sees LGBTQ representation as an important factor in creating stories. He was especially interested in thwarting queerbaiting, which is hinting at queer relationships without delivering actual representation.


That then led to Brookes confirming the relationship between Osiris and Saint-14. Brookes noted that he’d always wrote the characters as gay, but found that the “nuance is lost in an age of queerbaiting.” But why is Brookes confirming the relationship outside of the game? He says it’s because there “was never a space in which to unequivocally state their identities.” He’s partly justified in this as Osiris is rarely seen within the game despite his popularity, and Saint-14 was lost/considered dead until recently in the game’s story. Plus, the online shooter game is without relationships, to begin with.

You can read Brookes’ full thread below.



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