Devon Sawa Jumping Rope In Only Sweatpants?

Photo Credit: Instagram @d.sawa

We don’t know why he decided to grace us with this video, but we won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But you know what we WILL look at ? Devon Sawa jumping rope shirtless with only grey sweatpants. Yes, we have truly been blessed this day.

Former ‘90s heartthrob Devon Sawa gave many millennials and older Gen Zers their gay awakenings. From appearing as a human version of Casper the friendly ghost to scaring us in Final Destination, Sawa ruled our hearts and minds back in the ‘90s and early 2000s. And one recent Instagram post is making us think he might still have that magic power over us.

In the video, which the Canadian actor posted on June 23, Devon Sawa is seen jumping rope outside with nothing on but grey sweatpants. And can we just say, the sweatpants are doing just what they were meant to do. Though we wish there was a little more bounce to Sawa’s hop (if you know what we mean).

To caption the video, Devon Sawa simply wrote, “Toronto. Early morning jump rope.” And, honestly, that’s all he needed to say.

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