Dexter Mayfield: Model, Actor, Choreographer, Dancer Drawing Confidence, Strength, And Resilience From Loving His Plus-Sized Body.

Often, I bookmark items to look at later for possible Instinct blogs.  I've had some personal changes / challenges in my life recently so I was not only looking for a blog subject, but as well some inspiration.  Enter Dexter Mayfield.  Here he is telling a little bit of his story below. 



On the surface, Dexter Mayfield is living the dream. The plus-size model, dancer, actor and choreographer has appeared in music videos for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Sara Bareilles. But it hasn't been an easy road. Mayfield says that he needed to learn to love his body. Now, watch him slay. –

After watching the above video, I dove into Dexter Mayfield's Facebook Page and soaked it all in for even more inspiration, confidence, love, and talent.

In "It Do Take Nerve," Dexter let's us have it all starting about the 1:46 mark.



In a video released in March 2016, Dexter has a supporting role next to a Bieber look-alike in "Wrap Up Your Love."



AHF presents “Wrap Up Your Love,” starring Blake McIver. The Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean?" parody aims to promote safer sex practices and HIV prevention, and features clips from countries celebrating 2016 International Condom Day around the world.

Thanks again Dexter.  It looks like you are having an excellent year.  We only wish you more success!  You may just be living your life and doing what you love, but I just wanted to say you brought some happiness to me today and gave me a bit of confidence back when I really needed it.  Keep up the good work!  And maybe me sharing your videos and Facebook page might bring that to someone else, too.


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