Diana Ross Dances With Fans At The Abbey – Releases New Remix

You know when you see that queen trying to monopolize the dance floor thinking he's all that and then some and you're like … as if I'm going to give you that much space.  Yah, I've stood my ground before when those "special in their own mind" peeps feel they have it and want to own it all and try and push you out of the way. 

Well, I would have had to check myself and back the hell up if I was at The Abbey in West Hollywood, California recently cuz a queen that deserved to take the dance floor home with her showed up.

No,  it wasn't a spot on drag queen, but the one and only 73 year old Diana Ross that graced the space with her presence. The icon was there promoting a new remix of her classic Ain't No Mountain High Enough.


Thanks for "Coming Out" Diana!  Yes, it was to promote your new remix, but we love you!

What diva would you "go gaga" over to see on the dance floor next to you?

Here are some more pics and videos of the night.








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