Did Emma Thompson Just Talk Me Into Hiring An Escort?

Have you ever hired an escort? Has it crossed your mind? ‘Good Luck to you, Leo Grande‘ may resonate with you if you’ve had those thoughts. And if it doesn’t resonate in regards to the escort discussion, I’ll still recommend watching it just for the eye candy of Daryl McCormack, alone. Clothed or unclothed, he is a specimen. 

And if Emma Thompson is in a movie, I will be there to watch it, DEFINITELY. But when the ‘Good Luck to you, Leo Grande‘ trailer came out, I was a little thrown off and the definitely became lowercase and delayed. Do I want to watch the divine Emma Thompson have sex? I had had a long week and I was teetering on watching the Thompson/McCormack offering, and thought I could justify watching it as might be a good thing for research … and I might just sadly relate. Of course the trailer includes visuals of Daryl, McCormack and his fine self … which made me begin the search for where I can stream the offering. 


Being an older, overweight, non-Brad Pitt looking individual, it seems that I get the lion’s share of people hitting me up on apps for sex … as long as I pay. I am sure others get this as well, but the ratio of sex worker messages to free sex DMs I receive I think is up there. 

I respond no and usually block them, but the fact that I received those monetary DMs resonates in a couple of different ways.  ONE – does my profile scream “lonely, party of one, I must and do pay for sex” and TWO – maybe it is a good option for if I do pay, maybe I’ll get what I want this time as I am the one that is purchasing the goods. Is that what I need? 

Spoilers from here on out, so if you don’t want spoilers, well, why did you click on the article in the first place?

Emma’s character, Nancy Stokes, hires an escort / companion / sex worker Leo Grande in order to fulfill her sexual void. No, that’s not a vagina reference, as we learn that Nancy has not had much of a sex life with her former husband and him filling her void (vagina reference) amounted to her just laying there and letting her husband orgasm with no frills, no lust, no oral, nothing really at all. Two kids and years later, she is ready to explore and find herself, her womanhood, her sexuality. 


Emma as Nancy is not what I thought she would be. I expected her to be an individual that was … well, just too shy for it all, but she knew what she wanted, sort of, with the help of a list of sexual things she had never done before and a desire to check check check things off that list. 

Daryl as Leo was a sweetheart and was there to definitely please the client, but it was a mental and physical working over Leo gave Nancy, in a good way.  There were some tense moments when Nancy dug too deep into Leo’s life and found out his real name and just got too personal. 


If you were looking for the nakedness of Leo Grande / Daryl McCormack, the abs make an early presence and the bulge does as well, but then they go away for a bit. The drive to see Leo naked was always there, but did lessen as the story progressed. 

Once the story got to the full on sex between Nancy and Leo, the desire to see cock and balls was not as paramount as the need to see the two function well together for each other’s benefit.


But yes, there is butt and cock and balls FINALLY! For all of Leo’s/Daryl’s naughty bits, head over to OMGBLOG.com, but here’s the Leo bum bum bum. 

Netflix screen capture

So did I like the movie? Did I like the nudity? Did I like seeing Emma Thompson naked at the end? I actually didn’t mind it and said out loud, “BRAVO”. We see her breasts toward the end of the film during some of the sex scenes but to see her stand there fully naked in front of the mirror, mad respect for her.  I was a little more into her nudity than Daryl’s. Well, no, not really, I mean I enjoyed his naughty bits more than hers, but I bravoed Emma more. 

But back to the escort / companion / sex worker hire.  I enjoyed how ‘Good Luck to you, Leo Grande‘ handled the topic. Emma/Nancy goes through the justification in the movie verbally so we are all knowing where she was coming from personally. And that justification and arrangement would be different for everyone. She had a list, she had a safe partner to explore with, and she was in charge. This was the option she chose to figure out what she liked, didn’t like, what she did not experience ever in her sexual life. 


And I think there is a great deal that I would like to explore with someone like Leo (body and mind), but in a safe and controlled environment as Nancy did. Someone like Leo, someone that is not there on Grindr texting, “$60 and I’ll top you.” Yeah, he was a catch. 

You gotta ponder, is this escort thing a good route for you? Hiring a companion to be there for you for you to help figure out everything you ever wanted to know about yourself sexually, it sounds somewhat liberating and educational. But then again, most everyone online seems to know exactly what and when they want it, so you’re all confident about all that stuff, right?

So Instincters, would you hire or have you hired a companion?

Source:  OMGBLOG.com

3 thoughts on “Did Emma Thompson Just Talk Me Into Hiring An Escort?”

    • Anon,
      Please explain how he shamed them? That is not something he is looking for nor interested in. Do you buy all the perfume / cologne when walking through the mall that is offered to you? Or do you just say no and walk on by? You are making a very large joke. BTW, there is nothing wrong with sex workers and there is nothing wrong with saying no to them either. I think you maybe one of those he said no to and got blocked???

    • It could simply be as it is for me when I block escorts:

      A) their profiles contravene the sites’ Terms & Conditions (if I have to abide by then, so should you); and,

      B) I’ve no interest in them, and only have limited profiles to view, so block them to free up a space. I do this with any profile in not interested in. (Surely I’m not obligated to not block them out of some sense of fairness?)


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