Did Jerrod Carmichael Come Out As Bi?

Jerrod Carmichael in the Carmichael Show / Image via NBC

It seems that more and more male celebrities are opening up about past gay experiences. While that doesn’t always pan out well for the celeb, such as the dreaded Aaron Carter situation, maybe Jerrod Carmichael will have a better time.

This past Sunday, HBO dropped Home Videos, the first of two specials in which Carmichael will talk informally to family members about his life and career.

During the first video, Carmichael visited his childhood home in North Carolina and talked to his mother, Cynthia. After talking about the affair that Cynthia’s husband once had on her, Carmichael asks his mother if she’s ever been attracted to women.

After she declined about feeling such a way, Carmichael dropped the line, “I’ve hooked up with dudes before.”

And his mother’s response? A simple, “Well, OK. That’s your option. I like men.”

Unfortunately, Carmichael doesn’t discuss these past relationships any further in the video, but the line alone got many internet users talking.

But what else went on in the video, you ask? Well, Carmichael explored a variety of topics with family members such as politics, representation in entertainment, and feelings on the R. Kelly situation.

One other instance of Carmichael touching on his love life was when he met with a group of female relatives. He asked the group questions about love and relationships such as their reactions if he were to date a white woman.

You can watch the first Home Videos on HBO now. As for the second video, there is currently no airdate, but it’s expected to arrive sometime soon.

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