Did Kylie Minogue & Prince Almost Record A Duet Together?

Kylie Minogue might be the woman that is single handedly bringing us back to dance floors with her phenomenal album Disco, but it’s the duet that recently was buzzed about that is getting a great deal of attention. Last month, Minogue gave an interview to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, where she disclosed that a collaboration with the legendary and much missed Prince almost happened. 


As Minogue tells it, “We just kind of hung out. I don’t even know what that means, but we hung out and he kind of put me on the spot a bit. He was like, ‘So where are your lyrics?’

It was not long before a most likely intrigued Prince sent his driver to Kylie’s apartment with a tape. “There’s a cassette in my hand with Prince singing, a song called ‘Baby Doll,’ that I kind of was involved with, but he who slept four hours a night or something and just created stuff the rest of the other 20 hours. That was my almost, we didn’t record it.” 


Could a leaked version possibly be emerging and ending up on dance floors everywhere? Sadly, it looks like the recording never came to pass. “I suggested it to my label and I think he would want it to do it all and they weren’t into that. That was that. I might’ve been kind of gutsy, but I wasn’t… I don’t know. I wasn’t sure enough of myself to say, ‘No.’”

The duets that Minogue has recorded have been varied and diverse in terms of material, but always spectacular. She has worked with everyone from Jake Shears & NERVO on the stomper ‘The Other Boys’ to a posthumous duet with Frank Sinatra on ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on ‘Where The Wild Seeds Grow”. 

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