Did Pete Davidson Just Deny Ex Ariana Grande’s Claims About His Huge Package?

Ariana Grande playfully spoke about her ex-fiance Pete Davidson's package size several times during their short relationship in 2018. 


Rumors have swirled about just how big the Saturday Night Live star is for months now due to Ariana claiming he's huge more than once. She also referenced his size in the video for her number one single "Thank U, Next." Even popular porn star Blake Mitchell shared his thoughts about the whole ordeal last year. 

Now Pete has opened up about the state of his peen size where he seemingly slammed Ariana in the process. He told a crowd at a recent comedy show of his that her boasting about his private area was both "mean" and also a "genius move". 

“I don’t like that she talked all that s**t for my penis.” he continued. Pete also said that what she was doing wasn't a compliment to him, saying "Everything is huge to her.”

“Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis? So that every girl who sees my d**k for the rest of my life is disappointed,” he joked. 

I guess many of us will be left to our imagination over if Pete is or isn't gifted in that particular department. 

6 thoughts on “Did Pete Davidson Just Deny Ex Ariana Grande’s Claims About His Huge Package?”

  1. lets try to live in a world

    lets try to live in a world where men arent judged/shamed for having a smaller penis. Its a serious issue that affects younger men especially. 

  2. its a shame guys are still

    its a shame guys are still judged by the size of their penis and its still acceptable. Even more so than the size of a womans breasts is a pc no go. 

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  4. He’s a comedian? Wow

    He's a comedian? Wow standards for comedians has hit an all time low if people call him funny. Anyone who cares about the size of his dick over his shitty personality probably deserves to be treated less than scum……


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