Did Tom Ford Call First Lady “Glorified Escort?”

Did fashion designer Tom Ford shade Melania Trump?
First Lady Melania Trump & fashion designer Tom Ford

Twitter lost its mind this morning when a quote attributed to fashion designer Tom Ford began to circulate wherein he reportedly referred to First Lady Melania Trump as a “glorified escort.”

Slow your roll, Twitter – Tom Terrific never threw that shade.


The alleged quote that went viral was in reference to the designer refusing to dress the First Lady.

“I have no interest in dressing a glorified escort who steals speeches and has bad taste in men,” is how the quote read, but, no source was attributed. And a Google search found nothing to substantiate the quote.

The comment was probably somewhat believable in that Ford did say during a November 2016 appearance on The View that he had ‘declined’ to dress her some years before explaining, “She’s not necessarily my image.”

The filmmaker went on to add that he felt his clothes were “too expensive” for a First Lady as he believed the wife of a president has to “relate to everybody.”


Here’s the clip from 2016 right after the election.


So, no – Tom didn’t call Melania a “glorified escort.”

But ’Tom Ford’ was trending on Twitter anyway with Trump supporters calling for a boycott of all things Tom Ford. The Trumpers wanted Tom cancelled!


And that’s where it got pretty funny.







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