Did Vince & Will Get Back Together on the Latest ‘Will & Grace’?

It seems as if a big part of the reboot of Will & Grace has been to bring back characters we all adored and loved from the original eight season run.  It makes sense to do so, as there has to be some form of update as the show was off the air for eleven years, however the abundant times that this has happened up until this point is starting to feel a bit filler-ish.

Harry Connick Jr. came back as Leo in an earlier episode, where we found out that him and Grace didn't make it after all, even though they were married twice.  They ended the episode with a lip lock, and we haven't seen him since then.  Will we see him again?  Not sure, but the other major relationship at the end of the original series run did have some form of resolution in it that this guy wishes wasn't true.

Vince, played by the studly Bobby Cannavale, made his return in the latest episode.  It was known months ago that he would find his way back, as Debra Messing shared a photo of them on set with one another.  

It was revealed in this episode that Vince is getting married… but not to Will.  Evidently, the two of them wound up staying friends with bewilders Grace as she never been able to stay friends with any of her ex's.  That leads to a hilarious explanation from Jack on how heterosexuals date, then have sex, whereas gays do the opposite.

The episode brings out manic Will, which Eric McCormack really does a great job in, and gets to the eventually nitty gritty on why the two broke up in the first place.  Grace thinks its for the best (as she's always right) for him not to go to the wedding, as Will doesn't sleep the night before and starts to lose it over the thought of Vince marrying someone else.

We don't see the wedding, more the reception, and of course Will shows up which leads to a showdown between him and Vince over why he chose Ryan (the guy he married) and not him.  Turns out, Will is controlling and Vince couldn't take it anymore, so he ended it.  It was a big slap in the face that Will potentially needed, as they eventually smoothed things over at the end of the episode and Vince went his merry way.  Will Vince make another return in the future?  I'm guessing not (still holding hope that Leo does).

Of course, it's another shenanigans filled episode with Jack and Karen.  Jack fools around with a cop at the wedding who turns out to be married with the wife being there as well.  Karen is on a crazy scavenger hunt with Ivanka Trump (who wasn't in the episode at all, just referenced) where she steals dentures and a badge.  Oh, lord.

What did you think about Thursday night's episode?

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