Did ‘Will & Grace’ Get Cancelled Because The Cast Was Feuding?

Credit: NBC

There’s a conspiracy theory going around over why Will & Grace was cancelled last month and it has to do with two of its stars: Debra Messing and Megan Mullally.

Fans think that they are feuding after realizing that the two funny ladies no longer follow each other on Instagram. 


It gets worse. Both Debra, 50, and Megan, 60, still follow their two other W&G costars Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack. The men follow them as well, leading fans to believe that the possible cause of the show’s cancellation has to do with the Emmy winning women.

Megan only intensified those rumors when she posted and deleted an Instagram story on Tuesday, August 13 that talked about her feeling “the best” now that she’s lost her “attachment to somebody.”


She still has a cryptic Instagram post up that says “Don’t ask people for directions if they’ve never been where you’re going.”

Fans bugged out about this on social media.




Will & Grace‘s reboot began in September 2017 to stellar ratings and reviews from fans and critics alike. It was successful enough that NBC renewed it for two more seasons. Debra and Megan also scored nominations at the Golden Globes and Emmys, respectively, for their work.


Executive producers Max Mutchnick, David Kohan and James Burrows announced in July 2019 that the upcoming season of W&G will be its last. 


10 thoughts on “Did ‘Will & Grace’ Get Cancelled Because The Cast Was Feuding?”

  1. I loved Will & Grace. It has always been one of the funniest shows in tv with great writing and acting. I will really miss it. Was the best and funniest sitcoms on the air – original series and reboot! Nothing has made me laugh like this show. The best to cast, crew, and writers. So bummed your show will not be on anymore, We all need a good laugh to get through this era. Thank you all!

  2. They shouldn’t say they won’t work with people who have differing political views than them, isn’t that why we all have a vote?

  3. My entire family loved Will and Grace. Once they started to give their political opinions, they lost us. So I am glad that people responded, ratings went down and the show is getting cancelled. LEAVE politics out of TV, we really don’t give a shit how your feel.

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  5. The first season was really good. The 2nd was just weirdly paced and very sporadic…. I like was not sure of any continuity throughout season 2 except that Jack was getting married….

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  7. I liked the original though the Will character is the opitome of the worst in gay men. the reboot was basically a rehash of the old show but this time it was a shitshow of crap. Badly acted,the entire cast just walked through their scenes.


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