Didn’t See It in Theaters? ‘Bros’ is Coming to Streaming!

Billy Eichner, Luke Macfarlane in 'Bros'
Billy Eichner, Luke Macfarlane in ‘Bros’ (photo: Universal Pictures)

Dude, it’s about to be Christmas. Cozy up on your couch and check out Bros on Peacock this December!

Bros, from director Nicholas Stoller and writer Billy Eichner, is making its streaming debut Friday, December 2nd, on Peacock. If you weren’t able to make it to the cinema, this is your chance to see the gay romantic comedy in the comforts of your own home.


Distributed to theaters in October by Universal Pictures, Bros stars Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane as two polar opposite gay men who unwillingly find love in a world ruled by cliches. 

While beloved by critics and mostly enjoyed by the queer community, Bros didn’t achieve any sort of success in theaters. It opened at #5 before tumbling down the box office and only grossed $14,000,000 internationally against a production budget of $22,000,000.

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In my opinion, Bros wasn’t exactly a comedy movie. It was a witty, sexy, relationship drama that pokes fun at gay stereotypes. It made me smile, it made me sad, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I champion this movie because it comes from a queer cast and crew, and it also showcases every single member of the LGBT community. The whole thing was just… cute! 


Personally, I’m waiting for a Blu-ray release (please?) because I’m hoping for deleted scenes and a bloopers reel. 

But I’m old and this is the digital age! So, run to Peacock on December 2nd and enjoy your first viewing of Bros!

6 thoughts on “Didn’t See It in Theaters? ‘Bros’ is Coming to Streaming!”

  1. Overall I enjoyed the film. Loved the cast. Billy Eichner’s character was difficult to watch at times. Bros made me chuckle, even laugh at the way the stereotypes were portrayed. And the finished museum was hilarious. The final twenty minutes of the film brought it all together for me, brought me to tears… I’m a romantic.

  2. I went to see this in the theater at a Friday afternoon matinee. I was the only one in the theater! I didn’t really like it, either. There are so many better movies about gay people than this.

  3. Just saw this and didn’t like it at all (there was a couple funny parts). For a “gay” movie they seemed obsessed with other identities. These damn companies need to realize gay men want a movie about them & can care less about shoving all the other shit in there as well. I live in a liberal area in Cali and not one of my gay friends liked this movie. The fact there’s a line in the movie of Billy apologizing for being a gay white male after he had a meltdown was beyond pathetic (I’m a gay black man if that even matters). Not sure why there was a comparison of this movie to Fire Island but Fire Island was much better and at least it was a movie about gay men and didn’t focus on anything else.

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  5. Do people actually go to the movies anymore besides seeing a BLOCKBUSTER? Just read an article about how even Oscar buzz movies are failing to attracted movie-goers. So one bad or so-so review and it’s str8 to streaming!

  6. Illegal streams of this popped up almost a week after I saw the movie in theaters and I had no real interest in pirating it. I almost bought a Black Friday specially priced Peacock membership because I was curious to see if they keep the gymnastics and some other Olympic sporting events on the site for delayed viewing, but I went with HBO Max as I knew I would actually have content I wanted there.

    It’s also not accurate to say it was ‘mostly enjoyed’ by our community since we also ignored it as well. While it did better than some things recent like Benediction and Firebird, it didn’t get anywhere near as much theatrical support from a queer audience as was possible.


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