Dierks Bentley Takes An Ice Bath Sans Pants And Shares Video With Fans.


Have you done a Polar Plunge before?  Are you an athlete that needs to take an ice bath after a hard game? Either way, submerging oneself in freezing icy water is not on my bucket list at all.

Dierks Bentley definitely puts on a show.  He's not a professional athlete, but he's been on his Black Tour for some time now ( Black was released back in May 2016 ).  While in Dayton, Ohio, the 41-year-old singer resurrected his New Year's tradition of the Polar Plunge, but this time indoors.  Dierks said he was hoping to "clear the brain, strengthen the immune system and strengthen the liver" when he took the ice bath.

Here's the video of Dierks sans clothing, but unfortunately that pesky black box makes a couple of appearances.





And if you missed his Polar Bear Plunge, here's the footage of this year's attempt.



Thanks Dierks!

h/t:  onecountry.com

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