Dillon Passage of ‘Tiger King’ Enjoys Premarital Bliss!

Photo Credit: @dillert_lclm on Instagram

Dillon Passage is absolutely thriving since fading back into obscurity. 

Passage, now 27 years old, came to notoriety as Joe Exotic’s second husband. We were introduced to the couple in the 2020 Netflix mega-hit docu-series Tiger King. The duo married in 2017, then separated in 2018 when Exotic was incarcerated for planning to murder Carole Baskin. Passage’s divorced was official in January of this year. 


New found freedom, wild nights, and the whirlwind whiplash from the documentary plunged Dillon into nearly treacherous waters. Many would have stumbled harder than he did and never recover, but the animal lover persevered – and he looks damn good to boot! 

He looks healthier and happier (and perhaps hornier) as he’s found love with a new man, United States Navy Veteran John Devarti. As far as we can tell, the now engaged couple have been together since May of 2021.


Congratulations, men! 

And as for his OnlyFans, it appears to be stagnant since October 2022… or maybe I have to subscribe to see better updates?

Now, I know many of you will say “who cares?” or “this is old news,” but I’m honestly happy to see that Dillion is doing well in life. It’s not hard to champion a member of our community, especially after they experienced such a delicate time in front of millions of people. So, really, this is more of a “where are they now” type of post with a very happy ending. 


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