Dino Fetscher on Why His Latest Role Is Important for Representation

Dino Fetscher is starring in the 2024 Netflix thriller series ‘Fool Me Once’, where he is playing the role of Marty McGreggor. 

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The show is based on American writer Harlan Coben’s best-selling novel of the same title. As per Netflix, the plot of ‘Fool Me Once’ reads:


“The series follows Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan) as she tries to come to terms with the murder of her husband, Joe (Richard Armitage). He was mugged and shot to death by two masked men. After the funeral, Maya installs a nanny cam to keep an eye on Lily (Thea Taylor-Morgan), her 2-year-old daughter, she’s shocked to see her husband in her house, playing with Lily.”

Maya investigates the mystery surrounding her husband’s murder while DS Sami Kierce (Adeel Akhtar) leads the official police probe. Fetscher, on the other hand, is portraying the character of DS Sami’s junior Marty.

In the series, Marty subtly comes out as gay to DS Sami while talking about a date that he went on with a man. DS Sami then responded by pointing out his passion for fitness, joking that he hopes the guy Marty went on a date with “likes protein shakes.”

In a recent interview with BBC News, Fetscher opened up about the importance of his ‘Fool Me Once’ character for gay representation, stating:


“I think it’s important as well to explore the issues around being gay/queer. That’s something that’s done a lot in drama, but I think it’s also really important for it just to be something that this person is, and it’s not the focus.”

“I think there’s been so much in the past, so much of the focus has been on things like coming out, all those kind of struggles which are important, but it’s nice to see someone happy, a beautiful soul, good at their job, a really great person who just happens to be a gay person or queer person,” the 35-year-old Welsh actor and 2008 Mr. Gay UK further expressed.

You can watch Fetscher as Marty in the eight-episode ‘Fool Me Once’ series, which is available for streaming on Netflix.

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  1. Still hot as ever since winning Mr. Gay UK in 2008.

    “There were always whispers of: ‘Be careful not to play gay too much because you’ll be pigeonholed.’ I had this weird fear around it and I think it was a lot of internalized homophobia myself as well which, looking back, I realized. I was always nervous playing gay roles but I did relish them. Now I know myself much more and I think I’ve dealt with a lot of my own kind of internal shame. I relish playing gay roles and I love that I get to bring an authenticity to it from my experience as a gay person.”


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