Diplo Is Looking Fine AF in Latest CHEEKY Instagram Post

Diplo has done it yet again — drop a V cheeky pic on Instagram, leaving his followers stunned and probably also thirsting for more…


In the photo, the 45-year-old DJ and music producer posed naked with his bottom facing the camera while he is surrounded by an icy landscape. The pic was taken in Anchorage, Alaska, and Diplo was daring enough to wear only a pair of socks in the seemingly freezing, but equally picturesque place.

“Sun never went down but the moon came out.. love u alaska,” he wrote on the caption.

Aside from the naked photo, the DJ also posted a series of photos and videos from his trip to Alaska, and he seems to have had a whole lotta fun with his performances and other adventures. On that note, you can check out his cheeky post here:


Meanwhile, here’s what the comments section has to say about Diplo’s bare bottom pic:

“Who else swiped 9 times to see if there was another nude,” musician Eva Shaw commented.

“stop breaking the internet, dude,” an Instagram user wrote.


“Diplo makes me such a top,” a user also admitted.

“Give the gays everything they want,” another user commented.

Moreover, Diplo was featured alongside Kylie Minogue in Orville Peck’s new single “Midnight Ride”.



Source: clashmusic.com

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  1. I just got one of Orville Peck’s CDs and he sounds so much like Jim Morrison. The whole album has a serious The Doors Vibe to it!


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