Director Karen Knox Talks Sophomore Film ‘We Forgot to Break Up’

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Director Karen Knox, who simply goes by Knox, has a lot to be proud of with her sophomore feature film, We Forgot to Break Up.

Based on the award-winning book, Heidegger Stairwell by Kayt Burgess, and the acclaimed 2017 short film of the same name that captivated audiences at San Francisco’s Frameline42, this new wave feature places a trans rock star in the spotlight without focusing on his trans identity. Set in the early 2000s, We Forgot to Break Up invites audiences to dust off their VHS camcorders and punk audio  cassettes for an exhilarating ride with The New Normals, a young queer Canadian indie band who leave behind their small-town roots, chasing their dreams as indie rock gods in the big city. 

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Starring trans musician Lane Webber as Evan, he is at the heart of band, who has a knack for songwriting and an insatiable zest for like. Collaborating with his girlfriend Isis (June Laporte), the band’s keyboardist, Evan navigates the complexities of their dynamic. Then we have cis male drummer, Angus (Jordan Dawson), who’s in love with cis female bassist, Coco (Hallea Jones), and introverted lead guitarist, Lugh (Daniel Gravelle). 

Knox’s distinct vision for telling authentic queer stories, as well as her insights into the filmmaking process and the nuanced themes explored make this film a true knockout. The New Normals is the next great queer band to swoon over. 

Image via Motel Pictures

We Forgot to Break Up is currently on the festival circuit and will play next at Frameline48.

Instinct recently caught up with Knox to talk more about her vision for the film and why she wanted to turn this story into a full-length feature. She also discusses why she chose Webber to play the starring role of Evan, the importance of telling trans stores nowadays, and her evolution as a director. 

Check out the full video interview below. 


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