Disco Balls, Bears By The Falls, And More Eye Candy

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with¬†Shomari Francis getting his dose of vitamin sea…

…while Ivan got his nature fix in Alaska:

As the Joe Cocker song goes, Okkar Min Maung, “you can leave your hat on.”

Sam Cushing had a chat with himself about changing lewks:

GayUncleMario’s version of Casual Friday includes leopard print (swipe for the memes):

Matthew Camp looked all ‘hunter’ cute, but check out the progression of those hashtags…LOL:

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo served up his version of Scottish for his latest photoshoot:

Jason Derulo sipped by the pool in Malibu:

We’d be all smiles, too, if our doc looked like Dr. Marco:

Greg Bennett sent regards from Puerto Vallarta:

Matt Lister and friends went splish splash in a waterfall:

Ramon Ventura was not clowning around:

tmarkq is taking the Soul Train to Halloween:

Jae Fusz has big (disco) balls and he’s not afraid to use them:

ready_w_red is the pirate we all want to see climb aboard:

Johnny Sibilly’s skirt twirled up:

Roberto Portales was feeling that Harry Potter magic:

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