Discover the Beauty of Men of India

via Men of India

Time to find your newest Instagram obsessions.

Men of India Magazine (trust me, you'll want to look up that site) is trying to the good man’s work by publishing and distributing images depicting the beauty of the Indian male figure, or as they call it, “the essence of the Indian male.”

And besides giving us the tasty look of these hot men in a variety of clothing levels, each issue also gives a Q&A with the featured model of the month.

And that’s not all.

Men of India also has an Instagram page where you can look at beautiful pictures of beautiful Indian men.

You can find some favorites down below.

h/t: GayPopBuzz

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    • Wow. I love how white men

      Wow. I love how white men think they need to want us for us to be considered hot. We're pretty happy indulging in our own hot men and for the record, cumin smells wonderful. 


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