Disney Alum Dan Benson on Why He Decided to Do OnlyFans

Dan Benson is one of the celebrities featured in the new documentary ‘TMZ Presents: Famous & Naked’, where he opened up about why he decided to do OnlyFans.


The reason why was his nudes were being leaked on the internet, and they would just appear in other spaces whenever he got them taken down from one website. Benson quickly realized that his efforts to stop his leaked nudes from spreading was pointless, so he ultimately decided to join OnlyFans.

On the platform, he has control over managing his content, and he gets to keep all of his earnings. Aside from talking about the reason why he became an OnlyFans creator, Benson also touched on the topic of the ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ reboot.

In the original series, the Disney alum played the role of Zeke Beakerman, who is Justin Russo’s (David Henrie) best friend.


“I know for a fact that I will definitely not be a part of it. That’s all on me, I totally get it. I made choices,” Benson told TMZ.

He further stated,

“I put the chance of bringing back the character I played away when I decided to go on this path of being an adult content creator.”

Sources: tmz.com, dailymail.co.uk

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  1. Just because you did nudity should not preclude you from the role. It is ridiculous to shame you for being naked. Push to that roll that is yours.

    • It’s a Disney Channel show. It wouldn’t be good to have any actor that’s currently doing porn to be on that channel.


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