Disney Please Make A Gay Little Mermaid

Image via YouTube | Part of Your World – Male Version

This Gay Reimagining Of ‘Part Of Your World’ Should Definitely Tug At Your Heart Strings

Admit it, you’ve wrapped your legs in a blanket, grabbed a Dinglehopper/fork and used it as a microphone and belted out The Little Mermaid’s best song, Part of Your World.  The film is getting a live action feature which sparked a wild controversy with the lead being a black female, obviously a big change from the redhead, blue eyed Disney darling. Since the land of Mickey is making a lot of changes, who says Ariel can’t be a gay boy, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened in this adorable video.  In an animated video, Mark Scarnander gives us gays what we’ve imagined many times before, Ariel as a boy. As a gay man watching this total rework with its tweak to the lyrics and Flounder being a little more feminine than I remember in the original, I was a little shocked that the lyrics actually hit a little bit harder than before. Add those alterations onto YouTuber Mike Zubio‘s vocal performance, it all works perfectly.


So get that blanket ready for your tail or the red towel for your head and any thingamabob or Dinglehopper and enjoy the video below.

Like most sane people, the gays love Disney, too. So much that like the little merman, Disney Princes continue to be reimagined as homosexual.  Now there’s some creative juices flowing.  Maybe Mickey Mouse and friends need to have a longer conversation about it being 2020 and take the leap to offer something for our little gay princes to dream about becoming. And make sure there’s a Gaston-ish man in there.  Prince Eric is a catch, but who wouldn’t want to cuddle up on that furry chest and be cradled in those Gaston specimen arms?

We thought the adventures of Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, Eric, Ursula and Daddy Triton were universally interpreted the same way.  To our surprise, the meaning and deep understanding behind the story of The Little Mermaid caused a little debate in the ZOOM chat today.  We should have recorded it, but it boiled down to these two options.  Which one do you mesh with?


Option 1 – As gay people, Princess Ariel’s journey of wanting to become human can totally be in line with our young gay selves wanting to be accepted and fit into society, giving away or hiding what makes us a true individual.  But why we love the Disney version is because at the end, Ariel is loved for what makes her special and unique, the thing she was forced to give up, in our case, what we are forced to hide in order to be accepted. But Ariel is eventually her true self and that is all of our goals, to be able to be our true selves. Of course, as adults that moral lesson is so much more obvious, but as little gaylings (in reference to Hans Christian Anderson’s original Glow Up story ‘ The Ugly Duckling’), we just see the girl getting the hottie prince and the moral escaped us.

… or …

Option 2 – As gay people, Princess Ariel’s journey of wanting to become human can totally be in line for our community wanting to break away from the norm and be our true selves. The Mer-people were holding Ariel back from being the individual she wanted to be, making her conform to the mer-people ways.  But she was able to break free from this and be different and be free from the strict “under the sea” rules.  Many of us did just that and took every risk similar to Ariel in order to make it happen. Perhaps we didn’t make a deal with an evil sea witch, but Prince Eric was worth it.

Let us know if you’ve interpreted Ariel’s story like Option 1, Option 2, or do you have an Option 3?

Writer’s Note: This is the opinion of one Instinct Magazine contributor and does not reflect the views of Instinct Magazine itself or fellow contributors.

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