Disney Theme Parks Just Got A Lot More Exciting Thanks To New Pride Hats

Disneyland is now selling rainbow Mickey ears!

While LGBTQ fans of the Disney empire have repeatedly been disappointed by the lack of queer representation in House of Mouse films, they might be excited to see representation forming elsewhere.

The rainbow colored hats are now being sold at a Five & Dime in Disneyland with hopefully the product spreading across the globe (and online) in due time.

The hats themselves have bright rainbow ears and a red cap underneath. On the cap, there are a pair of Mickey gloves making a heart sign with another rainbow inside.

Fans are already celebrating the arrival of the merchandise on Twitter.

In addition, Youtuber Joey Garceffa and his partner Daniel recently posted a video of their family going to Disneyland and getting the hats.



Would you buy a pair of rainbow Mickey ears?

h/t: GayStarNews

2 thoughts on “Disney Theme Parks Just Got A Lot More Exciting Thanks To New Pride Hats”

  1. I was just there (Disneyland)

    I was just there (Disneyland), bought a pair for my other half. I went back to buy me a pair and they were sold out! 

  2. Going there in two weeks for

    Going there in two weeks for my 52nd birthday and you better believe I will be sporting those along with a birthday button. 


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