Disrespecting Mickey’s House: Fists Fly In Family Fight At Disneyland

Man Attacks his own girlfriend in a family brawl at ToonTown – Disneyland, California

I have no idea what recently caused a battle of blows between two families at Anaheim’s Disneyland Park, but what was captured on camera is wildly mortifying. In a video that’s now gone viral, a vicious dustup emerged at Mickey’s Toontown this past Saturday as a man and woman exchanged heated words and it escalated to the woman spitting in the man’s face. His response was a violent one, striking her in retaliation, multiple times in the face and head, at which point her male companion jumped to her defense. Then all chaos ensued.

The video was captured by an onlooker, who watched the clash, along with other park guests –many of whom, of course, were children. An elderly woman on a scooter who was a member of one of the families and a few other bystanders tried to intervene, to no avail. The brawl intensified, as people in the crowd exclaimed “Call Security!” 


Despite what caused this fight, the level of violence on display is alarming. In a noble but seemingly foolish act, the elderly woman stepped from her motor scooter to intervene but was accidentally knocked to the ground by one of the women in her very own group.

The elderly woman’s son then viciously assaulted the woman who accidentally knocked down his mother. However, as it turns out, the younger woman was actually the son’s own girlfriend. Quite the confusing clash, to say the least

Brawl at ToonTown – Disneyland

This whole incident is a prime example of grown-ups behaving badly, and it is inexcusable. Ultimately, security and police did arrive to break things up, thank goodness. A Disneyland official told radio station KTLA, that all involved were ousted from the park immediately and placed in the custody of the Anaheim police department. Disneyland spokeswoman, Liz Jaeger, released an official statement denouncing the incident declaring, “Any type of violence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated.”


In a shocking post-development in the Disneyland brawl story, it’s now been revealed that all the patrons involved are from the same family and they all could face misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and fighting in public.

Between this crazy Disney park fight and all the backlash against Disney Picture’s recent casting news of “Little Mermaid” film, the Walt Disney team might want to ask Tinkerbell to grab her magic wand and sprinkle a little bit of her fairy dust all over, everywhere, to make people relax and chill the hell out.

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  1. Oh, ok. So then how do you identify such “ghetto trash” before they’ve done anthing wrong? Do you have some sort of prejudgement method Disney can use, based on just how people look? I’m sure they’d love to hear about it.


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