District Officials Say The Performance Was ‘A Bit Much’

A substitute teacher might have taken his love of pop icon Britney Spears and performing, a step too far when he showed up for class with a karaoke machine equipped with a light show. The unidentified Texas man then tore the roof off the school with a performance of Spear’s smash-hit “Toxic.” However, the Austin-based educator was swiftly asked to leave the campus after first period because he ‘wasn’t following [the district’s] best practices,’ according to The Daily Mail.


While details are still coming in, at first glance this does not seem to be an issue of homophobia or discrimination against an LGBTQ teacher.  The teacher passed all the routine background checks necessary to obtain a substitute teaching certificate, and The Daily Mail also reported that,

“The matter is not being considered criminal and the teacher was not arrested. It is unclear if the teacher put on the performance as a joke, or if he just wanted to cheer up his students with his dulcet tones.”



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The Twitterverse is asking why was the teacher removed? Citing the teaching and work shortage, aren’t school districts literally begging for teachers?  Don’t feel too bad for our Toxic belter, said teacher picked up another teaching job a few hours later! 

What do we think Instincters? Did the school administration mishandle this incident or is the classroom not the place for karaoke night? Sound off in the comments below.







Sources: The Daily Mail

2 thoughts on “District Officials Say The Performance Was ‘A Bit Much’”

  1. If this was a theater or music class, then fine. But if not, then what was the point of this? The Austin youth might be our only possible way to revert Texas back from the MAGAt cesspool of crazy that it has become. The country can’t afford to have one minute of their education wasted with nonsense.


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