DISTRKT C Dance Party Coincides With Opening Of 5,000 sqft Dance Floor At DC Eagle.

It’s been years since a gay club has opened up a new and major dance floor in Washington DC., with Town being the last one to offer a new space about eight or nine years ago.  Since its move to a new location, the DC Eagle has been renovating a 5,000 square foot space on its third floor for just that.

[The] new DC Eagle complex, the fourth location in the storied club’s 43-year history. After rapid neighborhood redevelopment forced the bar to close earlier this year in a location on New York Avenue that had served as its home for almost 27 years, the DC Eagle [re-opened in November 2015] in a mostly industrial area east of the Anacostia River, near the Minnesota Avenue Metro, one Orange Line stop beyond RFK Stadium’s Stadium-Armory. It will be the first DC Eagle location outside of D.C.’s Northwest quadrant. – metroweekly.com

When talking with Bruce Yelk, promoter and creator of the DISTRKT C parties, he stated the new location about the same distance from Dupont Circle that Tracks and Nation use to be.  They both did well and that was before Uber and Lyft, so it will be much easier with today's conveniences to get to the new DC Eagle. 



So what is DISCTRKT C?  What better way to educate you than to watch a video.



There’s a lot more to discuss about DISTRKT C so I looked up Bruce Yelk, promoter and creator of DISTRKT C.  He was able to tell me more about the event, the concept, and his vision for DISTRKT C.

Philadelphia is Bruce’s home and a city that he loves.  After working many years with MR Gay Philadelphia, Nation Mr Gay Competitions, the Pink Pub Crawl in Philadelphia (twice a year for the past 8 years), and other events like Dragapalooza, Gayborhood Games, as well as time as the Operations Manager at Shampoo Nightclub, Bruce is branching out and trying something new. 

He took some time off last year and traveled internationally, which was great personally, but he was also seeing what else was out there and what may be missing here in the United States.  In our discussion, we talked about how uplifting and exciting international gay music and party venues are where as United States venues are sometimes a little more dark music wise and sport a continuous, repetitive, on going beat.  Foreign venues seem to take chances with the beat, music, trends, and mix things up.  Bruce is looking to bring that to the US and he’s very excited about his dj’s for this month’s party and he’s lined up someone for next month’s DISTRKT C that has amazing energy and ties with London, Brazil, Greece, and NYC. 

Returning from Brussels just after Halloween last year, Bruce started to look for a venue where he could house his vision.  His love of Philadelphia would never change, but the city’s current liquor laws would limit his idea.  With bars stopping service at 2 AM and close by 3:30 AM, it would not work with his major dance party plan.  "When people start going out at 11:30 and midnight," he elaborated,  "it’s not enough time for the energy to build up before shutting down at 3:00."

When looking at DC, Bruce was able to meet with DC Leather Pride and the DC Eagle venue fell right into his lap.  Working with both parties has been very rewarding and exiting, he said.  The plan was for the DC Eagle’s dance floor was to be opened before February 13th, but now that DISTRKT C and the grand opening are the same weekend.  What is great about the DC Eagle is its unique liquor and operation licenses allowing the business to be open until 8 AM where other DC establishments need to close by 4 AM.  The longer nights were important to Bruce and crucial to the success of the event.  His understanding is that the longer time the venue is open, it allows the party to get "sexier as the night goes on."

When finishing up my interview with Bruce, I asked him why he was so excited about this.  He had a couple of highlights.  One was the space.  The new DC Eagle is more of a warehouse feel which is different than the townhouse feel of the last location and the new big open space is great.  He was also excited to work with new deejays that he's never worked with before, but have always wanted to. 

In closing, I asked Bruce to give me five words to describe what you want the night to be.  He said, “Raw, Sexy, Hot, Fun.”  I said that was only four words to which he responded he didn’t need five.  And when we walk in and see the place?  What are we to expect for a feel or vibe?  His response was it will be old school, red lights, and dark, a little 70’s porn vibe with a hint of book store feeling.

Bruce has a great energy and personality.  I am sure he will accomplish his goal of making the night great.  He also wanted to state that he is working on lining up charities and groups to receive a portion or percent of the door.  This first party will benefit DC Leather Pride.

We wish Bruce and DISTRKT C the best of luck in his first DC party and the beginning of a monthly tradition.

As for the DC Eagle, we wish them the best of luck too in its first year in the new location.  With the new dance floor and DISTRKT C, things can only get better.

The [DC Eagle] site will eventually offer the same kind of one-stop shop attractions that Lloyd had found when he was a young man. A three-story former warehouse, the new DC Eagle will feature a large central bar, side billiards area and outdoor patio, plus a separate cigar-smoking room and a small store. Above all this, on the third floor, will be a large stage, catwalk, dance floor and mezzanine overlooking the action. Above that — opening sometime next year — will be an expansive roof deck with a view to the U.S. Capitol. And on the first floor will be a restaurant serving hearty, healthy food. – metroweekly.com

To read more about the DC Eagle in the Metroweekly.com, go to the full story here.

Today (February 6th) is the last day for $20 Distrkt C – Powered by Scruff – Opening Night tickets.

Get yours at DistrktC.com.

Washington, D.C.'s hottest new party opens at the D.C. Eagle's New Dance Floor Level on President's Weekend – February 13, 2016. Distrkt C will call the Eagle it's home every 2nd Saturday of the month. Opening night of the D.C. Eagle's 5,000 sq. ft. dance floor level.
DJs: Manny Lehman & Mark DeMarko
Porn Stars: Rocco Steele & Ray Diesel

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