Diver Matthew Mitcham Opens Up About Why He Started an OnlyFans

Matthew Mitcham recently opened up about why he decided to start an OnlyFans, which is ultimately for him to encourage sex-positivity.

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“The world isn’t sex-positive as it ought to be, in my opinion. Celebration of the body. I think it’s a beautiful thing,” the 35-year-old retired Australian diver and trampolinist told Outsports.

Mitcham has already landed a spot on the top .86 percentile of creators in just less than a month on OnlyFans. Not to mention, he gets inspiration from his husband, Luke Rutherford, who is also a top performer on the platform.

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“All of my pictures that kind of push the envelope a little bit — everybody is thirsty — those are the ones that get the most play,” the first openly gay Olympic gold medalist shared.

Working in mainstream media, Mitcham worried for the longest time that there’s a line he couldn’t cross. And now that he has gained a newfound physical freedom, the Olympic icon revealed that he is even open to doing “full-frontal nudity.”

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“Even full-frontal nudity, I’m pretty open to, if I can defend it in the name of art, I think that is defensible. That’s the kind of person that I am. I’m a creative, artistic person, and I like to celebrate the body,” he expressed.

However, Mitcham admitted that he has to thread along some boundaries, stating:

“I have to play by those rules, and maybe push it as far as I can push it without damaging my own career.”

(c) Instagram: @matthewmitcham88

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