DJ Avicii Found Dead At 28!


DJ Avicii Found Dead At 28!

Is The DJ Lifestyle To Blame?

Tim Berling – known more commonly as Avicii – one of the most popular DJs, has been found dead in Oman, a Middle East country, at 28. Avicii had retired from live performing due to health reasons in 2016. 

Upon his retirement from live performing in 2016, he posted a message to his fans that after almost a revelation – "think about things in a new way". This leads one to believe the celebrity and DJ lifestyle may have been too much for the young man to handle. He's been known to have a drinking problem. 

Although an autopsy hasn't been performed, with cryptic health issues and the assumed life of a DJ, we can speculate as much as we please on Avicii's death. Condolences to his entire family and fan base. 

Check out one of my favorite Avicii songs, Hey Brother, below:

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