DJ Baby Duff Drops Her First Single Courtesy Of Doggie Daddy John Duff

DJ Baby Duff’s throbbing new single ‘100% Baby’ is one hundred percent whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s a love song (featured artist and writer John Duff is his pups biggest fan) or an exercise in explaining redundancy in pop lyrics (consider the song instantly in your head the moment you hear it) it is, from Duff’s perspective, definitely tongue in cheek & wrapped up in a great deal of fun.

Photo Courtesy-David Laffe

“Sometimes I feel like my lyrics are too smart and that nobody has an attention span to actually listen to them,” Duff says. “So, with this one, I wanted to do something extremely stupid as stupid is always relatable.” Or maybe it’s a slight swipe at the over-glorified DJs who make a million dollars by simply pushing play on SoundCloud. “It’s not all DJ’s, but definitely some” Duff is quick to point out.

‘100% Baby’ is not just a killer ear worm, but the video is an eye-popping dedication to other Baby’s talent and beauty. At a statuesque four apples tall and a svelte six pounds, Baby has plenty of charisma (with uniqueness, nerve and talent to spare as well). Doing all of her own stunts and working with dog trainer Kirstin McMillan and photographer Davide Laffe to make sure her best angles were captured. Animator Sqott (who Duff had been following on Instagram prior to their collaboration) completed all of the animation once receiving the almost-finished product. Working with Sqott was a natural fit as he was drawn to his larger than life and colorful art, with Duff saying “I didn’t want the video to be too sexy. She’s so young. Sqott seemed like the perfect fit.”

John Duff grew up in a suburb outside of Baltimore, Maryland, studying musical theater at Syracuse University, eventually ending up in New York City. On a Brooklyn street in 2015, he spotted his first short haired Brussels, and It’s been the only type of dog he ever wanted since.  DJ Baby Duff was born in some really small Texas town, making her way to LA to live with Duff. She has no musical ability nor inclination and her most favorite thing in all the world (besides her daddy) is treats. John Duff has assured her that the more fame they get from “100% Baby”, the more treats she will see coming her way. 

Photo Courtesy-David Laffe

John Duff’s “100% Baby” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms. Its video is available on YouTube.

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