DJ Calvin Harris Talks About New Album: “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2”

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris finally released his new album called “Funk Wav Bounces Vol.2” on August 5, and he seems to know the current market after recently posting a very effective promotional photo.

The 38-year-old artist posted a shirtless photo of him all excited with his shorts hanging low, and the comments section went crazy, to say the least.


Not to mention, Harris was sun-kissed with the sun gleaming over his toned chest, and above him seems to be a self-written text saying:



The new album is a sequel to “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1,” which was released in 2017, and it received a mixed reviews from critics. 

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Harris talked about his experience collaborating with various artists, as well as the inspiration behind “Funk Wav Bounces Vol.2.”

“This album is for car journeys, and beaches and things like this. What I was doing a lot was taking trips to the mountains. This is when I still lived in LA. Taking a trip out to this place called Idyllwild in the car, listening to a lot of psychedelic rock and then climbing the mountain, literally and figuratively, and then heading back. So I was doing a lot of that, putting on a lot of vinyl, getting to that kind of zone,” the DJ shared.


He also had nothing but good words to say after working with notable artists for his album saying,

“Honestly for me, just from the viewpoint of music that I listened to growing up, getting Pharrell and Pusha T on a song was big. Getting Pharrell and Justin Timberlake, and Halsey on a song felt amazing to me and like such an amazing experience. It was those two that stood out in that respect.”

Aside from the artists mentioned above, Harris also collaborated with “Left And Right” singer Charlie Puth, and he was more than satisfied with the outcome of their work.

“We start off with the yacht rock beat and then Charlie was basically channeling Michael McDonald. I wanted to take a lot of the auto-tune off his voice. I didn’t want him to sound necessarily like how he does in his records.

When you’re Charlie Puth, you can do anything. So, I think there’s a shepherding that needs to happen sometimes with people that are just so talented. You need to kind of go, ‘well, what about this?’ or ‘try this. It’s OK to sing like this’ or ‘It’s OK to do it like this.’ And, I think once I kind of gave him permission to do that, he went with it and he was amazing at it,” he expressed.


Mixed reviews aside, Harris seems to have had a good time making his new album along with other talented artists, and he’s most definitely not so bad at promoting it. May the gleaming shirtless promotional photos keep on coming!


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