DJ/Remixer Eddie Martinez-On His New Album “Digital Love”, How He Got His Start In The Business, & What Musical Legend Still Influences Him Today

In the world of music, it takes grit and hard work to make it in the industry. Thankfully Eddie Martinez has more than enough of both to spare. Growing up in Brooklyn NY, Martinez started from the ground up in the industry, spinning at the bars and nightclubs of New York City. Eventually, he landed at The Pavilion Nightclub on Fire Island at the young age of twenty one! HIs friendship with the legendary Peter Rauhofer led him to spinning at the WORK! parties in New York City, making spinning alongside Rauhofer a career highlight. Taking his name and brand worldwide, Martinez has spun in Asia, Europe and back again, providing the soundtrack to such legendary parties as Gay Days, Ascension, and Sand Blast. His latest album Digital Love is a true Martinez production, full of sultry sounds and scorching beats, the perfect soundtrack to kick off your summer.


I sat down with Eddie recently and we caught up about his beginnings in the industry, what remix of his own that he personally loves, and he gave me the story behind what Digital Love really means.

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Michael Cook: Right off the bat Eddie, how did you get into the world of DJ’ing?

Eddie Martinez: Well, I was going out to the clubs in New York City pretty frequently, but that was when the really big clubs were still around. Think Roxy, Crowbar, places like that. It was all about the music, the scene and the vibe. That is really what inspired me to pick up DJ’ing first as a hobby. Then it grew into something so much more….

MC: For those that have never heard your sound, how would you describe it?

EM: Without a doubt-Sexy!


MC: It’s hard to climb the ladder and become one of the premier DJ’s in the industry today; what do you think the secret is to your success?

EM: You know, success is really in the eye of the beholder. The ladder is definitely a very long one. I think one of the things that has helped me in my career is being consistent and eclectic; that has really helped me in my path so far.

MC: What have been some of your biggest career highlights thus far?


EM: Well so far, I would definitely say that it would be playing at some amazing parties in other countries all over the world. That and having the privilege of being able to have worked with the legendary Peter Rauhofer.

MC:Your remix projects are always diverse and edgy. How do you choose the projects you work on? Any favorite mixes of yours that stand out?


EM: For me when I remix, I really have to feel it. It has to have a real vibe. The remix that I did for the Tove Lo smash Talking Body is one of my absolute favorites. Now that one is a mood for sure.

MC: Your new album Digital Love is out and is a huge success. Tell me about the work behind it and what you are trying to convey with it?

EM: I really wanted Digital Love to be a vibe. I always try to convey some kind of hidden messages or a story in the projects that I do, either minimally or in a vague way. It’s a story about love in the digital world really; so many things or experiences that can happen from meeting someone off of an app…


MC: What’s next for Eddie Martinez?

EM: So much. The future looking very big and extremely bright!


MC: What would the Eddie Martinez of today tell the Eddie Martinez who was just starting out as a DJ?

EM: That’s simple; get out of your head.

Grab Eddie Martinez’s Digital Love here:


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