Do Sexy Costumes Make Halloween More Fun?

Daxton Bloomquist as a shirtless 'Captain Jack Sparrow'
Daxton Bloomquist (screen capture)

Funnyman Michael Henry takes a look at how some gays need their Halloween costumes to be sexy slutty, even if the character they’re portraying isn’t.

Dropping in on Adrian Anchondo and Daxton Bloomquist, Michael is proud to present his “kitty cat” costume for the impending holiday. Unfortunately, it’s the same costume he’s worn for the last five years.


Color Adrian and Daxton as unimpressed.

Getting in the game, Michael inquires about the guys’ costumes.

“I’m Captain Jack Sparrow,” replies a shirtless Daxton followed immediately by booming pec pump sound effects.

And Adrian shows off his spandex-clad booty with a flip of his wig announcing, “I’m a slutty Valerie Cherish.”

Adrian Anchondo and Michael Henry in 'My Spooky Little Secret'
Adrian Anchondo and Michael Henry (screen captures)

As Daxton (loudly) slathers baby oil on his impressive chest, Michael fires back: “You guys just took normal characters and made them into sluts so that you could be a slut – slut!”

When Michael accuses them of taking Halloween too seriously, they are officially gagged.

“Too seriously?” asks Daxton. “If you don’t take Halloween seriously, Michael, then what do you take seriously?”


“My sexual health,” says Michael as he segues into a sponsored bit for Mistr, the online PrEP delivery service, while the guys kill time in the background touching each other. 

Hey, Michael’s gotta make money, too. We’re not mad.

“Let’s just say I’m fully PrEP-pared to have wild Halloween night,” assures Michael as he shifts back to the skit.

While the guys may not have confidence in his choice of ‘Fright Night fur,’ Michael lets them in on his ‘spooky little secret.’


Who takes their Halloween seriously, readers? Do you celebrate in a big, gay way? And are sexy costumes part of the equation?

Or is dressing up best left to the kids and drag queens? Let us know in the comments.

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