Do We As Gay Men Actually Find Jeremy Meeks Hot?

Jeremy Meeks is sort of the definition of a "bad boy".  The reason why he shot to fame in the first place was because of a mugshot that went viral back in 2014.  What was the reason behind this mug shot?  He served two years in jail for possessing a semi-automatic weapon.  He then turned that "incident" into treasure in so many ways, that its sort of amazing how he got to where he is now in the first place.


Shortly after his release, he received major attention from modeling agencies which eventually led him to book shows for New York Fashion Week.  Then, the 33 year old started dating British heiress Chloe Green, who is the heir to the TOPSHOP throne (in the billions I might add).  Oh, and all this happened while he was still married to his wife Melissa.  Fun fact about her family:  her younger brother Brandon, 24, was treated to a performance by the one and only Beyonce at his bar mitzvah.  Nice! 

He was recently seen posing shirtless in Malibu which is really a sight to see.  Obviously the dude is good looking, but his checkered history of being in jail for two years and cheating on his wife with a woman who can definitely bankroll kind of puts things into question.  That question being…

Gay or straight, can you truly enjoy just the sex appeal of someone who is a known cheater with a crooked past?  Look at Brad Pitt.  We all lust for him, but dude cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie.  Same goes for Jesse James who cheated on Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant who cheated on Elizabeth Hurley, and Robin Thicke cheating on Paula Patton.  Yes, these men are absurdly hot and we all have a thirst level for men like this.  But does the cheating and weird history sort of shift our thoughts at all?

The bottom line is this… if Jeremy/Brad/Jesse etc was a guy you were interested in, and you were aware of his past, would you overlook that because he's a handsome dude? 


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