Do We Love Having Sex In Public?

Do We Love Having Sex In Public?


Is The Risk Worth The Reward?

#BEHAVE! Like most of the people reading this article and frequently visiting Instinct Magazine, I’ve had sex. I definitely believe it’s a strong assumption to make, considering our audience is widely LGBTQ and adults. Shout out to our heterosexual brothers and sisters, but I’ve got to say the gays are likely more, ahem, colorful, when doing the deed. It wasn’t until I stumbled across one of my daily viewings of The View, where I experienced the other fab-5 discussing the most outrageous places they’ve had sex. According to the women, a new study showcases many people enjoying having sex in public, although they didn’t state the source of the study- they mention people admitting to having sex in portable toilets and the New York subway. Umm, what?!  Little too raunchy for my liking!

I began to check my rolodex for the craziest place I’ve ever had sex. While I’ve openly admitted to visiting a bathhouse, I firmly believe they should stay in the past. Perhaps let’s have a solid staple in The Castro (San Francisco) or somewhere deemed fit. But, I do kind of feel a lot of the community has possibly strayed from risky, public sex in favor of attending a bathhouse. Should there be open sex spots everywhere to prevent some risk takers – who could potentially be seemingly normal – a spot to hook up? Or, is someone just odd in general for sleeping with someone in public?

As an adult – you know, one who is working full time and doesn’t want to have a mug shot or a name on the sex offender list in my neighborhood – I don’t want to have sex outside. Ever. Consistently on various dating apps I will have a guy fail at an attempt to persuade me to hook up in his car – since I refuse to host any stranger at my home. Like, sure, I’ll give you the whole call thing when we were closeted teenagers and couldn’t bring a trick into our parent’s homes. However, if I can hold onto an apartment- someone else I’m interested in sleeping with better have his own place! I honestly don’t see any purpose of having public sex once you begin to mature. Is there truly a reward with the risk?


According to a Bustle survey in January 2018, after polling a thousand people online, the top results for the most common places to have sex in public are:

A Public Park, Field, Forest, or Garden: 26.1%

Inside The Car: 16.1%

The Beach or Ocean: 12.7%

Public Bathroom: 5.6%

Movie Theater: 2.6%

Okay, seriously – who is hooking up in the movie theater?! I’m completely over a lot of this and am so thrilled I haven’t encountered one of these horny bunny rabbits near my person.

Does having sex in public excite you?

As aforementioned, feel free to check out the ladies of The View gabbing on the wildest places they’ve had sex below:

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