Do You Believe Adult Film Star Rafael Alencar When He Says He Did It With Patrick Swayze?

Did the late Patrick Swayze have sex with a gay porn star?

Adult film star Rafael Alencar shared in an interview that he once had sex with the former Dirty Dancing star.

As for why Alencar has waited so long to talk about this encounter… “I can tell dead ones because they can’t sue me,’ he told porn director Marc MacNamara.

 ‘I did [Patrick] Swayze. Patrick was very nice,’ he added.

But that’s not all. Alencar also shared that he’s had sex with several Hollywood celebrities, but that he didn’t want to get sued by naming names. So, he alluded to people by mispronouncing names.

“The famous people, the singers and actors they you know, they are gay.” The porn star shared, “They have called me. But not because they want me,’ Alencar added.

“They cannot be seen in public, they can’t go to bars or restaurants. They can’t go on hookup apps.”

We, of course, have to share that Alencar’s allegations can’t be verified due to Swayze having already passed on. So, your guess is as good as ours on whether the Brazilian man is telling the truth.

But Rafael Alencar’s words about the To Wong Foo star weren’t the only shocker that he shared during the interview. Alencar also shared that he thinks it’s time he retired from the porn industry.

“I did my share. I’m dome. I’m happy. I’m proud.”

So, do you believe Alencar had sex with Swayze?

4 thoughts on “Do You Believe Adult Film Star Rafael Alencar When He Says He Did It With Patrick Swayze?”

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  2. Why do people always find it

    Why do people always find it suspicious when a gay guy says he has done it with a married man.  I am in my mid 60's and have been out for over 30 years.  Do you know how many married guys I have been with over the years? Dozens! Most times once a married guy finds out I'm gay they ask questions and keep asking more questions.  It's then you know they want to mess around. I have ministers, doctors, teachers, construction workers, guys next door, military, travelers, etc.  I even had a straight guy once who talked about his family and come to found out I had slept with his dad. I didn't kiss and tell.  Anyway, most guys don't drop names just to drop names.

  3. I treat this story with a

    I treat this story with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Although I do not buy into it wholeheartedly, I also do not dismiss it out of hand. It is very possible that Mr. Alencar is hitting the snooze button on his 15 minutes of fame (we are, after all, talking about him).  However, it is equally possible that this really did happen.  Maybe Patrick Swayze was bisexual and he and his wife had an agreement whenever he "felt like a nut."  Maybe having sex with a guy was on Mr. Swayze's bucket list and he just wanted to try it out.  Patrick was a trained dancer and probably had tons of gay friends who recommended Rafael.  We'll never know for certain, so it really doesn't matter, now does it?  

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