Do You Do PDA?


Living in Fort Lauderdale, you would think I would see same-sex PDA on ever street corner.  Last year, the city was labeled as the U.S. city with the highest concentration of gay couples (Huffington Post).  Of course couples probably would keep most of this affection within their homes instead of feeling the need to display their love out in public.  Well, maybe not.  Throw in how many open relationships are out there and there goes my logic. 

I've lived in south Florida for about a 14 months and besides in the gay bars, I think I've only seen or noticed straight PDA in the great wide open.  I don't think it's because I am gay that the straight PDA would stand out more than the gay ones.  Being VERY single, I'm going to notice anyone gettin some action.

PDA is okay right?  Some guys I've gotten to know seem pretty against them.  Even if it's a simple peck on the cheek in a parking lot between two large SUVs.  Hey, if it makes you uncomfortable, okay, fine, it's not for you.  Is it a deal breaker? No, but it may be part of the equation. But then again, it might be a deal breaker for him.


Italy as a nation does not wish to see Gay PDA.  Two Italian Men who engaged in a “long and passionate” kiss during a demonstration have been charged with breach of the peace following a police report which claimed their act had “disgusted” passersby (  I've seen both gay and straight PDA that I would have labeled as disgusting.  Love is love but when it's deep enough for your lip ring to get stuck on a tonsil, get a room. 

The men are among six lesbian and gay activists who were formally charged with the public order offence on October 7 following a police investigation into a protest held in the city of Perugia in March.

It states that after being asked to move on, the two men had engaged in "a long and passionate kiss on the mouth…in front of many families with children and teenagers, many of them minors, leaving passersby disgusted at such a display." (

After watching the snip below, it seems the male-to-male kiss was a little edited to a shorter version of reality where as the two female-to-female kissing seemed to show the participants being very energetic and dedicated to their cause. And the cause is more than just gay PDA.  It is a cog in the wheel to push Italy to recognizing and allow same-sex marriages. 

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has promised to introduce legislation to allow gay couples to have legally-enshrined partnerships by January.

The government has no plans to follow other European countries by according homosexuals the right to marry, which a majority of Italians oppose. (

Several progressive Italian cities, including Milan and Rome, have begun registering same-sex marriages contracted abroad in the face of opposition from the government. (

What are your thoughts on PDA?  Do you do it?  Do you mind it? What if the guy you were with didn't like it, would that change anything?

The video below, posted by Perugia-based LGBT organization Omphalos Arcigay Arcilesbica, apparently shows the gay male couple kissing during the March 29 protest of the Sentinelle in Piedi (Standing Sentries), a group that opposes the legalization of same-sex marriage. (Around the 0:50 mark.) Two other same-sex couples (females) kiss later on in the video with a little more "energy."


(Huffington Post)


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  1. Ok. I’m from Miami. I love to

    Ok. I'm from Miami. I love to visit Wilton Manors where I'm comfortable with PDA. The entire Ft Lauderdale/Miami area is very open to diversity but in that mix are also bible thumpers, bigots, people visiting from South Carolina or Alabama. PDA can put you in a vulnerable position. So it's a combination of being respectful of their small minds and a safety issue. Best to limit PDA to parts of South Beach, the gay beach or Wilton Manors. 


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