‘Do You Reckon He’ll Be Gay When He Grows Up?’

Gay dads with their son
(stock photo via Depositphotos)

As more and more same-sex couples become parents, more and more straight folks are having their first encounters with LGBTQ families…and it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

Robin Morgan-Bentley, a senior manager at Audible, and his husband became parents this past year. He shared via his Twitter account some of the somewhat awkward comments they’ve received as gay dads.

“Top 10 things actual people have said to me and my husband this year, as new gay dads,” writes the proud dad.


Some of the remarks are harmless but reveal a certain level of cluelessness: “Oh it’s lads’ day out today! So cute. Is mummy having the day off?”


There’s the eternal “Which of you is the real dad?”

Umm, they are both ‘real dads…’


Many folks seem to wonder about the absence of the child’s mother: “Is the mum still involved? It must be so hard for her:”





Some people seem to think being born in the year 2020 along with the pandemic might have a lasting effect on the boy:



There were those who apparently offered to help with the little guy although it’s not clear if the offer was a comment on the dads’ parenting skills:


But the oddest remark the dads encountered was a woman whose offer to help raised some eyebrows:


Clearly the men took it all in stride, and like good dads let their adorable little guy have the last word.


Folks in the Twitterverse acknowledged the awkwardness of the remarks but for the most part focused on the happiness of the family.




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