Do You Recognize Any of These Christmas Movie Hotties?

Luke MacFarlane in Hallmark’s Candy Cane Questions

Christmas is almost upon us. If you haven’t started binge watching Lifetime and Hallmark movies yet, well, what are you waiting for? 

In my house, Christmas goes up the week after Thanksgiving. So, I’ve had plenty of time to watch dozens of copy-and-paste plot, romantic comedies centered around the most wonderful time of the year. Whether I’m actually paying attention to the narrative (aka attractive men) or just playing a title for background noise, it’s safe to say Lifetime and Hallmark movies have become a staple tradition for me and millions around the world. 


It’s no wonder there’s a full slate of 30+ new additions to the genre every year!

If you haven’t browsed what finding love before Christmas in a stereotypical small town has to offer, here is a small list of hot actors who have starred in multiple holiday pictures that you can probably find on television in the near future.

For me, I picked guys that I know from outside of Lifetime and Hallmark that tip their toes into the candy cane flavored waters every December. So, if you don’t see your favorite guy on this list, don’t crucify me!

1. Adrian Holmes


2. Carlos Pena Vega


3. Eric Mabius


4. Jesse Hutch

5. Jesse Metcalfe


6. Jonathan Bennett


7. Luke Macfarlane


8. Michael Xavier


9. Rob Mayes

10. Ryan Paevey


11. Victor Webster

4 thoughts on “Do You Recognize Any of These Christmas Movie Hotties?”

  1. I didn’t know Victor Webster still tried to act! I was also surprised that Jeremy Jordan (Winn from Supergirl), who was at least pretty and looked like he might have a decent body under that preppy look he wore on the show, had done one of these.

    Poor Luke. Stuck in that awful Netflix holiday movie and he didn’t even get the Ugly Gay Lead in that one and his next announced project is probably his last movie for Hallmark, all because some people wanted to make Hallheart jokes.

    The Jonathan Bennett gay holiday movie was better than the other one, but he’s had the chance to be in two of these before, as part of the B-gay couple. But saying it was better isn’t saying much. He’s not my type or for me, but he’s very game and I’m glad he’s got a career but all these movies (including the hets ones) are just so bland and set in such white bland places.

    Jesse and Eric are the only other names I recognize – and again, like Webster, I am a little surprised some of them are still in the biz. The rest of these are just so random – like underwear models on the package of Ralph Lauren or Hifalgar boxer briefs you find at the discount rack at Marshall’s – cute enough but are you going to buy a pair of briefs in a color you don’t like just because these guys are modeling a different set of underwear on the package?

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