Do You Wanna Get Face Smashed by Facebook?

Photo Credit: @zuck on Instagram

My boner is confused.

Instagram launched a companion platform last week called Threads, which aims to be a social media outlet to rival Twitter. Not a bad idea considering Twitter is suffering an agonizing death now that Elon Musk bought it and is continuously enacting crazy restrictions and outrageous rules on a monthly basis. Somewhat rightfully so, Musk has taken issue with Threads owner Mark Zuckerberg due to the latter platform’s numerous similarities to Twitter. 


Honestly, Musk appears to be the instigator here. He’s gone on to recommend a literal dick measuring contest and a cafe fight. See the evidence below.


(Side note: Look at that cringe profile picture with an assault rifle over the American flag. Gross.)

Musk, the owner of Tesla, eventually posted photo evidence that he was in the gym training with actual MMA icons including 4x UFC champion Georges St-Pierre. Not to be outdone, Zuckerberg hit the bag with 3x UFC champion Israel Adesanya and former UFC Featherweight Champion Alex Volkanovski.

Despite the amount of gold in the pictures, it was the amount of DILF in Zuckerberg’s photo that caught the internet ablaze. Let’s take a look!


For being a robot, the owner of Facebook doesn’t look bad… like at all!

Also noted, Zuckerberg is an amateur Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor since 2022, so my money is on him! Age, patience and training goes a long way in MMA! 


Whether both platforms thrive or fail, these two gentlemen are silly for arguing on social media. Musk has an estimated net worth of $248,000,000,000 and Zuckerberg is worth $105,000,000,000. In other words, take your money and go live a happy life while ignoring such trivial things! 

Do you want to get fucked by Zuck? Comment and let me know! 

I mean… he does love meat…

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