Do You Want a Side of Homophobia with Your Chicken, Sir?

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Raise your hand if you’ve experienced workplace harassment based on your sexuality. Even from behind a computer screen, I know dozens of you are raising your fists in anger. According to this 2021 article by NBC News, 1 in every 10 LBGT workers have faced discrimination at the office due to homophobia. Imagine if we pulled that shit with the straights… 

The latest in a string of unfortunate workplace harassment suits, a Popeyes Chicken in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania was ordered to pay a former employee almost $49,000 – $48,840, specially – after failing to respond to initial complaints filed by the plaintiff as far back as April. Kyle Rodin, who launched the case, received unfair treatment and bullying which eventually led to his unfair termination earlier this year. 


Restaurant’s Habit of Ignoring Queer Harassment Comes to Light, Again • Instinct Magazine

Luckily, The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission swooped in and decided in Rodin’s favor and now he’s $49,000 richer. Time for a much-deserved vacation to de-stress. 

Provided by The Advocate, PHRC Executive Director Chad Dion Lassiter said in a statement: 


This order affirms that sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in Pennsylvania. Retaliating against someone who opposes harassment is against the law. The order should serve as a deterrent for any employer who looks the other way when sexual harassment occurs in their place of business or who fails to respond to complaints served by the Commission.

Let this be a reminder to Popeyes Chicken and all employers that the right to work without harassment falls into the category of equal rights. No one wants to go to work and have to deal with drama, especially when it’s based solely on their sexuality and no outstanding discrepancy. Let us make our money and move on without incident! 

PS: I prefer KFC, anyway… 

Source: The Advocate, NBC News

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