Does Chris Meloni Ever Wear Clothes? The SVU Star Likes Hanging Naked

It looks like the rest of the world is finally realizing what the gays have know for years – Christopher Meloni is THE Daddy of our dreams. Beefy, Brawny, Sexy, Hunky, Handsome; all of these adjectives can describe the 61-year-old Law and Order: Organized Crime star who is in the midst of a career resurgence. The Oz actor currently graces the cover of People Magazine looking as impossibly attractive as ever.


The Law and Order: SVU star sat down for a wide-ranging interview that touched upon everything from his apparent love of being naked to aging in Hollywood and even how his family, including his wife and two children, feel about him being anointed a Zaddy. Meloni would like Americans to be more like Europeans when discussing nudity,

“We’re a little uptight in this country over that whole thing. How many nudist beaches do we have? Who doesn’t love a good nudist beach? I do. I went nude in Spain.”


The whole Zaddy thing makes the True Blood actor smile, “It’s a gas. It’s fun. I don’t know, has anyone else been crowned Zaddy? Once it’s bestowed upon you, you have to just ride that horse as long as you can.” His family is sort of on the same page,


“My wife, she’s lovely, she gets it. Meaning she’s like ‘eh whatever.’ My kids {Sophia, 21, and Dante, 18} invariably once a month, it’s ‘really? really?’ Their friends will send them a meme that’s come out or whatever.”

Let’s bring it back to nudity and hear more about how this hottie likes to work out in the buff, “Look I am a big fan of nudity I always have been, always, since I was a child. I think it’s a sense of freedom.” Did you catch the Peloton ad featuring Meloni and produced by another sexiest man alive – Ryan Reynolds? On that topic, 

“I thought it was really funny. It was rather cheeky – no pun intended – and kind of bold.”


Meloni is grateful and humbled by all the attention, I mean look at him, the guy is ripped. Peloton stock must have shot through the roof once that ad premiered lol. The Wet Hot American Summer star ends the interview acknowledging, 

“It’s a second act.”

Here’s hoping there is a third and fourth act on the horizon. 


Sources: People

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