Does Demi Lovato Get the Thanks She Deserves in the US?

Pop star and queer icon Demi Lovato finds herself embroiled in yet another controversy here in the United States – this time having to do with frozen yogurt.

Let’s catch you up on the frozen yogurt controversy. Lovato called out L.A.-based The Bigg Chill for seemingly having sugar free cookies and other diet foods too close to more traditional options.



It seemed neither Lovato’s followers, or The Bigg Chill’s followers were here for it. After a heap of backlash Lovato issued an apology on Monday stating “I am very outspoken about the things I believe in, I understand that sometimes my messaging can lose its meaning when I get emotional I am human.”


Yet at the same time, but across the pond, Lovato joins Lil Nas X, MNEK, and Harry Styles among the nominees for the prestigious 2021 British LGBT Awards. “The annual awards, which are voted on by the public, celebrate personalities from across charity, the media and the business who have helped to advance the rights and lives of LGBT+ people.”

Here is the excerpt from the where they list off the Top 10 vote getters of 2021.


So why the two different storylines for Lovato? Why does Europe seem to be celebrating Lovato in a way that the US doesn’t?

Can it be just be that at this moment in time Lovato is TOO outspoken, too public, too in your face for the average American? In the last few years Lovato has been up front about a wide variety of issues including drug addiction, and an eating disorder. She also broke off an engagement, self identified as queer and considers herself now “California sober.” It might be that Europe is more lenient to those who fall repeatedly, but continue to get back up and continue to fight.

Lovato is one my LGBTQ heroes and I hope the rest of the country one day sees her as that as well.

Instincters, what are your thoughts?  Do you think Demi is bot given the credit she deserves here in America?  Are we more focused on the negatives than the positives?



For more on Lovato check out her YouTube documentary “Dancing with the Devil”

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