Does The Gay Community Normalize ChemSex?

Does The Gay Community Normalize ChemSex?

Do You PNP?

#INSTINCTAFTERDARK! In yet another article in my long line of topics not appropriate for work – or the day time – I want to touch base on this not-so-hidden world of ChemSex. ChemSex, or more commonly referred to as PNP (Party aNd Play) is honestly a topic this gay Millennial finds so common with the hook up culture. 

One time, I inadvertently wound up at a gay sex party. Basically, after months of convincing, I met this guy off a dating app and we went over to his place. He was up front his roommates would be there, but wasn’t so honest about what his roommates would be doing. Yeah, his roommates were having a full-on, about fifteen person orgy in their living room. There were a lot of towels, and a handful of guys around my age at the time- early 20s. At first, I participated in this so called party. It began with some drinking and smoking marijuana in underwear in one of the best homes I’ve ever been in. Why would I say no? Well, before I knew it, many of the guys were taking shots of GHB. I politely declined with judging eyes; there was a time and a place to try that, for me it was called college. Soon after, a new pipe and smell clogged my nose: The wicked scent of lust – or PNP. Uncomfortable, I put on my clothes and stepped on a balcony to chain smoke and text a friend. I went back inside hoping my online hookup would be a knight in shining armor, not partaking. His lips told a separate story from his actions. I left with some blue balls and one hell of a story. 

After years to think and plenty more experience in gay culture, I’ve came across a variety of men who PNP regularly. I’ve even had an attempt to be convinced it’s healthier for you than alcohol. On dating profiles, it’s publicly advertised…and partially accepted. 

Are we normalizing ChemSex culture? Is there something that may be done to prevent this from becoming the new normal? 

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This article was originally inspired by VICE.

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