Does This Gay Married Couple Have The “X-Factor?”

I might have been the only fan of X-Factor America.  Since the show was deemed a failure and canceled, American fans of the X-Factor concept must look across the pond for their fix. 

Last night, we were treated to a gay married couple's audition.  How do you think they did?  Would The Shures get your vote?




We wish you the best!  I wonder if they will have more success as the married gay duo.



Is the married gay duo just who they are or is it something very marketable and good for the ratings?  Looking around the internet, we see that The Shures have been around for a while and were constructed a little differently, sometimes a duo, and sometimes a trio, adding a female to the mix.

Here's one of their youtube videos when they were two guys and a girl back in 2009.





Back down to a duo for a bit, the group added a different female to The Shures in 2012.




We know these shows are not purely based on the talent.  It's likability and marketability.  Would they get as many votes if there was still a female in the group?  What are your thoughts?


What do you think?