Does Your Favorite Music Influence How You Get Down?

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Does your favorite kind of music reveal if you prefer the top or bottom bunk?

A new survey by TickPick, an online ticketing service, was interested in if the music people listen to affects sexual preferences, attitudes and fetishes.


In the online survey, titled “Music’s Influence on Sexual Behaviors,” TickPick asked over 1,000 music fans of all kinds (LGBTQ, straight, and all in between) if their sexual preference was to be “on the top” or “on the bottom.” 

Now, we know you can be the “insertive” or “receptive” partner in either physical position, so take this all with a grain of salt as we don’t know how respondents might have interpreted the question. Plus, the answers are self-reported so…there you go.

In any case, the survey showed fans of country music, show tunes, pop, alternative and indie rock say they prefer being “on the bottom.” Country music fans lead the way with 48 percent preferring the bottom bunk.

On the other end of the spectrum, reggae, folk, EMD, Jazz and Blues music fans tended to choose being “on top.” Not sure if it’s the rhythm, but Reggae music fans topped the graph at 37 percent.


Interestingly, there was no question for versatile folks.

Also from the survey:

The overall favorite sexual position, chosen by 36 percent of respondents, was doggy style.

BDSM was the most mentioned fetish, and was the top choice of Indie rock fans. 


Role-play was the next-preferred fetish, with 47 percent of country music fans leading the pack.

Blues fans say they last the longest in bed at 16 minutes.

It turns out technology comes in handy for couples who have different musical tastes. Seventeen percent of respondents shared they wear their Apple AirPods while getting down so both partners can enjoy their own favorite tunes.

One last factoid: country music fans were the least likely to use contraceptives during sex with just under 50% reporting usage, and over 25% of these same country fans admitted to having one-night stands. 

Click here to check out all the stats from the survey.

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